Type 49 Mechanical Services Pty Ltd

 The Workshop all things  RWD Escort with an Aussie Twist

Type 49 Mechanical Services Pty Ltd

Arising from the ashes of ABS FTG is trade & retail repair,  service and parts outlet Type 49 Mechanical Services Pty Ltd located at 888 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully. All the same staff and full service as before just no clueless Franchisors with No Idea and No CREDABILITY.

Specalist in all modern and early Vehicles and a TRUE INDUSTRY EXPERT FOR 35 plus YEARS.

And on the weekends and just for laughs we play with our Ford ESCORTS!!!

Read below about Type 49 Racing!!

Welcome to Type 49 Racing, the Workshop that is all things RWD Mk1 and Mk2 Ford Escort.

Type 49 Racing – a workshop dedicated to RWD Escort's that intends to spread the gospel about the Ford Escort RS Series and derivatives and predecessors both in England and Europe but especially for home grown Type 49 freaks here in Australia. Type 49 Racing is a business with a real Aussie twist and view on these amazing and successful little machines. But what is a Type 49? It was the designation given to the special competition derivatives of Ford’s venerable little Escort in England that had to be built to gain homologation for International competition in racing and especially rallying in late 1960’s Europe. The first and original Type 49 was the amazing little Lotus Twin Cam Escort. Little did they know at Ford when they wangled the little beast from thought bubble to idea to project, to living, breathing machine that the mighty little Escort would still be a source of pride and wonder to thousands of proud owners five decades later, still the leading contender and almost constant winner in International Historic Rallying. Still competing and winning in club level events both on dirt and on tar for thousands of proud owner drivers.

The Type 49 was the sporting Ford that ultimately launched the RS series and designation worn by Escorts and other sporting Ford’s through the 70’s, 80’s and beyond right up to the mighty Ford Focus RS AWD that has recently been announced as available to-day. Type 49 stood for the competition spec body shell with all the extra non garden variety Escort strengthening plates designed for export markets that come with the good struts, the good gearbox, the trick engine.

We were lucky in Australia that all our Escorts were built from export knock down kits from Ford Europe and all Australasian Escorts are in reality Type 49 shells. But in essence a Type 49 is a trick and well modified and tuned road car or a competition machine, a racing car be it a full house tuned tar racing circuit special or an owner prepared forest racer/rally wagon. They were immensely popular in their day and they are still highly prized machines in the modern age nearly fifty years since they were envisaged and put into production. And here at Type 49 Racing we prepare and modify them and pay homage to them here down under.


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